✦Silent, lonely listening|瀬戸内寂聴へのインタヴュー記事より



Couched in kindness|19 November 2012|aeon

Jakucho Setouchi is a revered nun and famous novelist, yet few know how psychoanalysis shaped her spiritual life





‘To someone who’s suffering, the importance of that just can’t be exaggerated,’ she tells me. ‘When people come to me for help now, I listen to them and at the end I always find some little thing to compliment them on. And you should see them, they derive so much energy from that. When people are suffering, when they have some kind of complex, or when they’re lonely, they need someone to notice them, simply to recognise them. So when someone who’s in real trouble comes to me now, I think to myself, “What was it that Kosawa did for me?” And I try to emulate that. I try to do exactly that — although now it’s become part of my own style.’
Couched in kindness|19 November 2012|aeon